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'Audio and technology fascinate us very much. How can we help you?'

Audio equipment from the 'old days', we became addicted to it once. It started in our youth. In 2003 it was the direct reason to start collecting audio equipment. 

At first we limited ourselves to tape recorders from the seventies. But the interest quickly spread to the sixties and the fifties. The collection grew steadily. Our 'museum' included all kinds of audio equipment, such as authentic tube machines and (semi-) professional tape recorders. It remains magnificent!

As the collection continued to expand, sorting and cataloguing of it became convenient and necessary. This was conscientiously done. In this way the overview was kept on all tape recorders, cassette players, amplifiers and more. Of everything that came in, some devices always 'stuck' in our private collection. The other stuff was sold or sometimes exchanged.


Some years later, based on the now huge collection of equipment, variousstorenl, an Ebay shop, came on the air in 2015. In 2021 variousstorenl became a 'real', independent webshop offering various equipment and accessories for sale.

Customer relationship

Now we advertise on a broader basis through various platforms. On a yearly basis, we now ship more than 200 pieces of products worldwide. All equipment is briefly tested by us. What you see is what you get. Because we believe that a good customer relationship is important, we provide a detailed description of what does or does not work (sufficiently). In the unlikely event that customers are not satisfied, we will work together to find a suitable solution.


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