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Marantz PM-250 Amplifier & Marantz ST-300L Tuner Stereo-Set


Product number: 10000000682
Product information "Marantz PM-250 Amplifier & Marantz ST-300L Tuner Stereo-Set"

Offered is a Marantz PM-250 Amplifier & Marantz ST-300L Tuner Stereo-Set.

Equipment has been briefly tested, but does not function optimally.
The tuner receives enough stations, but quickly jumps off FM reception. Also the bulbs need to be replaced on the upper scale lights.
The amplifier clearly needs love.
For example, the sound is quite soft. Also, most of the time only one channel functions. When moving the "tape/source" knob back and forth, the second channel sometimes comes on softly, but keeps dropping out.
Furthermore, the power light does not glow, nor does the VU meter scale.
In short, a set for tinkerers and/or hobbyists.

Because of the problems described, therefore, to avoid disappointment, the sale follows explicitly as defective.

Many pictures document well the optical condition.
Delivery: amplifier and tuner, without further accessories.
No power cables available either.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact form.

Color: Black
Condition: Used
Device: Amplifiers, Tuners

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